We’re your partners in success.

Accounting and financial companies base their reputations on reliability, accuracy and confidentiality. It’s the benchmark for any successful accounting firm. Prodigy is here to assure that your network doesn’t disappoint you so you won’t disappoint your clients.   Prodigy’s first watchword is security. We analyze your network, find vulnerabilities and fix them. We can advise when anyone has downloaded new software, and assure that your organization remains safe. We monitor your network 24/7 for the integrity of your network for viruses, adware, or malware.

You can trust us, so that your clients can trust YOU.

We protect you four ways.

  1. We can set up automatic backup to the cloud, or an in-house backup system so you know your clients’ valuable data is safe
  2. We can proactively monitor your system to virtually eliminate downtime on your network.
  3. We can make certain that the hardware and software works with you, and not against you.
  4. We’ll make recommendations and provide employee training, providing you and your staff with ongoing support.

We’re your partners in success. When it comes to IT and network management, we’ll have your back.

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