Making reliable, secure, productive technology work for your Legal firm.

Prodigy understands that the Legal industry needs a system that is safe, secure and private in order to serve your legal staff and keep them capable of being available anywhere, from the courthouse to the boardroom to the offsite locations you may visit for work or relaxation.

We know that security is the highest need in any business and with our network monitoring and VPN processes we can make your network reliable, and private, no matter where you are.

We know that your staff’s time is your biggest asset, and we make sure your network is rock solid, secure, dependable, and most importantly transparent to the user.

How do we do it?

  • We can proactively monitor your system to virtually eliminate downtime on your network.
  • We can make certain that the hardware and software works with you, and not against you.
  • We’ll make recommendations and provide employee training, providing you and your staff with ongoing support.
  • We can set up automatic backup to the cloud, or an in-house backup system so you know your clients’ valuable data is safe.
  • Whether you are in your house, the courthouse or on the road, Prodigy makes your data secure and available for you.

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